Sunday, February 25, 2007

Astronauts Gone Wild

As I surf the Internet looking for anti-New World Order videos, I come across many aspects of “the Black World” which I have great difficulty in accepting. I realize that there are a lot of nut cases jumping into the light.

Sometimes I have difficulty telling what is truth from what is bullshit. I must vet every story to verify its truth or falsity. One law governs supreme here. I call it Celine’s Law. It is a statement that was made in one of the volumes of the Illuminatus! trilogy. Hagbard Celine says:

“If the bizarre is often true then the true may often be bizarre.”

One of the things that I have wondered about is how the heat was dissipated from the Apollo Lunar Module (LEM) while it was on the lunar surface. This is because the Apollo command module had to rotate perpendicular to the Sun so that no surface collected too much energy from the sun.

The lunar module rotated with the command module all the way to the moon because they were connected together. However, once the LEM landed, it just sat there…in broad lunar daylight. The suns rays mot only came in full blast because there is no atmosphere on the moon, they also reflect from the bright lunar surface.

Someday, I am going to come across the LEM specs and give this one a good look. As I have had a smattering of chemistry and physics in my time, I should be able to figure it out to my satisfaction…when that time comes. But that time is note here now. I am in the early stages of researching this. I am presently limited to looking at videos online.

Well here is a video which I watched in an effort to begin to zero in on my question, and perhaps find an easy answer. It is called Astronauts Gone Wild. It is about some guy that goes around and tries to get the Apollo astronauts to swear on a Bible that they have really been to the moon. He is very intrusive. At times he is just down right obnoxious. Watch it to see what all the astronauts say.


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