Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Christine Ebersole Interview with John Conner on 9/11 Attack

Broadway star Christine Ebersole says 9/11 was an inside job
and the U.S. Government was behind the attacks.

(New York, NY) One of Broadways biggest stars Christine Ebersole joined author and radio host John Conner on Sunday February 18th to discuss her beliefs that a corrupt faction within the U.S. government helped make sure the 9/11 attacks happened on purpose as a justification for war and a domestic police state.

“There are some people that I work with that I think are upset at my talking about 9/11 and thinking that it was an inside job, and they are worried about my career…and I don’t think people really want to take in the reality that our government could do us harm. I think we want to look at our government as sort of like a benevolent father that’s going to take care of us and be kind to us and treat us well and I think it’s too much for our people to conceptualize and I’m sure that’s what happened to people in Nazi Germany.” Christine told Conner on Resistance Radio on the Genesis Communications Network.

“Things just weren’t adding up. For me it’s really hard to say what’s the exact sort of epiphany that I had where I just realized that it was the government that did harm to its own people. But I think maybe what a deciding one was when my dentist sent me a link to Loose Change [the film] and when I saw that, everything that I feared or everything that I intuitively felt was confirmed by watching Loose Change.

When asked how she would go about educating someone how the U.S. government was behind the attacks she responded, “I’d ask about World Trade Center number 7. That’s the most obvious blunder, because [Larry] Silverstein [the building’s owner] said publicly that ‘we had talked with the fire department and we felt that WTC 7 was so badly damaged that we decided to take it down.’ Now you can not put controlled demolition devices in a building in an afternoon. That’s just not possible. Of course, they never even mention it. That’s never even mentioned and it’s not even brought up in the [9/11 Commission] report. How do you explain that?”

Operation Northwoods, a declassified plan where the Joint Chiefs of Staff approved committing terrorism in Washington D.C. while blaming another country to justify military action was also discussed during the interview. “They think that Operation Northwoods…well…just because they wrote it and because Lemnitzer was fired by Kennedy doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t do it. People can’t face reality. It’s just too difficult. It’s just too much. Now they want to do the DNA sampling of the immigrants…I mean come on...what’s next? We’ll all get implanted with those chips [VeriChips] and it’s just a way of controlling people,” Ebersole concluded.

Ebersole also displayed knowledge of the secret Bohemian Grove resort. “That’s another thing that’s just so disturbing. People want to make this a left right issue, and a Christian [vs.] Muslim issue, he [George Bush] makes a mockery of Christianity. Everybody is fooled. They are worshiping a false God and that’s exactly what George Bush is doing. The God of money…the God of power…it’s quite disgraceful, but the whole thing about Bohemian Grove, I had never heard of that before I went to your website [www.TheResistanceManifesto.com]. For a man who calls himself saved by Jesus and all that stuff…burning mock human sacrifices is not worshiping God. It’s unbelievable. And He’s completely hijacked the Republican party.”

When asked about her personal religious views Ebersole answered, “For me, Christ is the greatest example of what we should aspire to how to live our lives on this earth, and that’s why [it’s unbelievable] for George Bush and all these people that call themselves Christians and they absolutely don’t adhere to his basic principle of love God with all your heart, and soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. To me, Jesus is alive today and Christ is living in each of us and each of us that practice the principles of how he lived his life.”

Referring to the Military Commissions Act of 2006 [H.R.6166] which enables the U.S. government to strip people of their U.S. citizenship and deny them the rights to habeas corpus, she proclaimed, “Jesus Christ was an enemy combatant.”

One week earlier, Ebersole plugged John Conner’s website, www.TheResistanceManifesto.com while sitting in as a guest host on ABC’s ‘The View’. The video clip of the incident has been one of the most viewed videos on YouTube over the weekend.

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