Friday, September 22, 2006

Thoughts at the Equinox.

I know that the Law of Supply and Demand is a law of nature. A law of nature cannot be broken. A law of nature tells how something works and that thing works that way no ifs, ands, or buts. Even when a finer, more accurate law of nature is discovered which describes the same thing more discernably and to more decimal points, the previous law remains in full force. The Law of Gravity is another example of a law of nature. Thus, those who tell us that the Law of Supply and Demand does not work, i.e. that capitalism is NOT the only economic system that produces material abundance at prices cheap enough for the fucktarded masses to afford, are, in essence, telling us that they can defy gravity via their mental abilities.

We all know that no one can control gravity with their thoughts. We can readily see that what these people are doing is failing to acknowledge facts of reality which cause them unpleasantness in their minds. When considering socialism, or, more concisely, statism as an economic system, history plainly shows that there has been mass poverty, starvation, and an oceanic bloodbath every time it has been affected. Yet there is no shortage of people who believe that everyone’s life should be controlled in a multitude of counter-productive ways.

There are two types of people who profess to believe that statism is a valid economic system. One is those who, for whatever reason, are not keen enough to integrate certain aspects of reality into their own personal psyches. These people do not know what they are talking about. The other is those who benefit from the interest accrued on fiat currency loans to governments which implement a considerable degree of statism. These people are in on the take.

It is in the best interest of this second group of people that the first group of people not learn what is going on.


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