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Timothy McVeigh on August 3, 1993

My name is Bill Bean. I work in the film industry. I have information relevant to the Oklahoma City bombing. I did not approach anyone at the time of the trial because I did not understand the relevance of what I had. I am submitting this to Congressman Rohrabacher's office because of his stated interest in having hearings about what actually happened.

On August 3, 1993 I was given a tour of Camp Grafton North Dakota. Camp Grafton is a military training academy for National Guard and army reserve personnel. The instruction at Camp Grafton is in explosives and demolition. The tour was arraigned through Jeff Esslinger at the North Dakota Film Office. The original time of the tour was to be in the spring but due to severe flooding hitting the Midwest and central plains states that year the tour was postponed until August. The purpose of the tour was to look at locations in the state for a film I was producing entitled “Tennyson's Ride.”

While speaking with Jeff in Bismarck, Jeff suggested I visit Camp Grafton as a possible location site as my script called for several military bases and it was on the way to other locations I was visiting. I agreed, and a tour was arraigned for August 3, 1993. I met the Camp Superintendent Col. Dahl, who speaks on tape for my tour. I videotaped every location I went to and everyone I spoke to. Col. Dahl turned me over to Paul Osser billeting director who took me on the actual tour.

I videotaped all locations as possible future shot sites even if there was no actual scene written for that location. Mess Hall, Rec Room, Armory, etc. About an hour into the tour we passed by a long row of tanks and I was informed these had been used in the Gulf War. In fact I believe I was told there were captured tanks there also. While videotaping and viewing this location, two soldiers began to offload what I was told was an armored personnel carrier from a flatbed. One soldier driving the other directing from the ground. I watched them for a moment and then did a slow 360 with my camera and came back to them.

I believe I either asked if I could tape inside the tank or else Paul offered it to me, in any case when the tank was parked I walked over, “Camera Running” and entered the tank. The driver was closing the front hatch and did not hear me enter. When he turned and saw me it was evident that he was surprised and disturbed by my presence. I attempted to engage him in conversation as I had done to all the others I met. He was brusque and rude, even at the time I felt he was evasive. He attempted to push past me but as I was crouched in the porthole door in the rear he was not able to get by me. He immediately moved out of viewing range to my right. When I asked him what he did, he gave me some halfass answer about being a parts clerk. I was going to question him further as I had done the others I spoke to and videotaped, but then I thought,”Well maybe he has some Sergeant on his ass or something. So, I let him pass.

I videotaped other locations at the base and after about an hour or two left. That was the one and only time in my life I have ever been to Camp Grafton. That is the circumstance under which I interviewed and videotaped TIMOTHY MCVEIGH, the soldier in the tank.

First) this is Timothy McVeigh; there is no question about that. Videotaped from two feet away, every feature down to his crooked teeth is clearly evident. Concerning his teeth, his two front teeth, central incisors, are straight, those on either side, the lateral incisors, slant in. This tape was shown to a dentist who said, “This is as unique as a fingerprint!”

Second) A voice analysis was done on the soldier in the tank. His voice was compared to the known voice of Timothy McVeigh, taken from a 60 Minutes interview. It is an exact match. Various electronic and human tests were conducted to reach this conclusion.

Read enclosed Voice Forensics report. I suggest you contact Prof. Blomgren yourself. If you're not satisfied commission your own forensics report.

I did not realize how significant what I had was, for many years. It was not until Mcveigh's trial that I realized it was Mcveigh in the tank. Even then the larger point escaped me. That point is, McVeigh was not supposed to be in the Military at that time. His military record shows him enlisting in 1988, being honorably discharged from the Army, on Dec. 31, 1991. His records then show he was in the Army reserve in Buffalo New York, from January 1992 until May 1992, he was then honorably discharged from the Army reserve. After May of 1992 he was never again in uniform on any base anywhere, never again part of the military. He was totally out of military service. The FBI states the only time they loose track of McVeigh, in his entire life, is the late summer of 93. They think he was somewhere between Kingman Arizona and Decker Michigan. Probably at gun shows, meeting antigovernment rightwing militia types. But he wasn't, he was at Camp Grafton, in uniform, learning explosives and demolition!

The other aspect to this is the Surveillance and Harassment on me and others. Starting in 1994 I was allowed to know I my being watched. I have included a partial list of the thousand or so hang-up calls and harassment I received. As an example, and you can read this in the file. On Wed June 19 th 2002, my mother who lived with me was talking to a relative in Washington state. The relative said the line sounded “strange” my mother said “Yea, the phone is tapped!” At that point the phone went dead.

Or, look at January 14 th Tues 2003. We lived on the third floor of an apt. building. A green station wagon, Illinois plates HYB115, parked down two doors and sat there with the engine on. For over 25 minutes a woman sat in the driver's seat looking up in our window. All the while she kept a running dialogue with someone who wasn't there. She held a device,” thin, dark plastic or metal” up to her mouth and then would read something on it. She did this for more than 25 minutes. When my mother who was suffering from cancer, walked into the room, “I whispered in her ear” what was happening. Being a sick old woman she said out loud, “who is looking in our window from a car?” At that point the woman shoved the car in gear and sped away “tires screeching!”

Third) This brings me to the other photo I have included. The older man in the photo is USAF Captain George Rohm “spelling uncertain.” In 1996 this person had someone introduce us. After I knew him for a few months he told me he was retired MI. At this time I was undergoing all this harassment and had no idea why. I would not realize I had McVeigh on tape for a year or two. Capt. Rohm would allude to military investigations and other things that I had no idea what he was talking about. His wife once told me he was talking to a General in Washington DC about me the night before.

I have the list of calls and incidents. I have recorded many of these bizarre calls. I have videotaped cars following me, etc. I will go no further with this as no one really seems to care. Not the press or Lawyers. I merely include this as part of the events stemming from the McVeigh encounter.

Should you wish me to testify, I am quite willing.

How you and your staff wish to deal with this information is up to you. I am informing you this information is coming out in Hustler magazine on Dec. 15 th .

After Nightline and Frontline, 60 Minutes and 20/20. After years of submitting this information to newspapers and Lawyers, only Hustler chose to publish this information. As I said to them at the time,”I think it's sad that some skin magazine would be the only avenue to get this to the public!”

I will be making a documentary about the McVeigh situation and what happened in my life, and would like the opportunity to interview Congressman Rohrabacher about the Oklahoma City bombing at a future date. I will of course mention in my documentary that I supplied his office with all this information.

Hope this has been of some help.


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