Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google Is Evil

"Google's Top 100 Videos" is a popular feature on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "Google's Top 100 Videos." What IS on the Internet is "Google's Top 100 Censored Videos."

I can hear you sheeple now. Your accusatory voices echo in my brain: "How can Google censor videos? After all, it's in the fine print right there that they can set their own standards." Yes; well the fine print does not allow Google to commit deception and fraud. Deception and fraud are crimes. What deception and fraud?

Google zeroed the hit counter on the movie Terrorstorm when Terrorstorm entered the top 100 video list.

Google did this on all twenty-seven plus copies of this video present on Google. Google explained that this was a mistake that effected several videos in the top 100. In actuality, a cursory examination of the hit counters of ALL of the top 100 videos showed that this only effected Terrorstorm.

A week went by and Google pulled the same thing again with the video Terrorstorm when Terrorstorm once again entered the top 100 video list. Google got busted this time too. Google also tendered the same excuse explanation.

Now another week has gone by, Terrorstorm has arrived at number 93 on Google's Top 100 Videos, and Terrorstorm's hit counter is stuck at 78,504 for the last 48 hours. Google has once again been caught in cowardly trickery.

Google's motto is: "Don't Be Evil." Imagine that. I submit that this is the perfect motto for evil people to hide behind, especially lying bastards like Sergey Brin and Larry Page:

So there you go sheeple. Do NOT complain to Google! Do NOT watch this powerful video. Go to sleep. STAY asleep. Be good mindless "citizens" and watch the evening news.


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