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Another CFR Fuck: Dick Cheney Lied to the Wyoming Voters and Says So On Video Cam

Need I say more? Yes, I will. Here we have one of the most sinister fucks around: Dick Cheney speaks out...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bush Is An Asshole

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Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. So check the link for an "in depth" view.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Kissinger to Serve as Papal Advisor

Over the course of his long and controversial career, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has had many titles. Now he reportedly has one more — adviser to the Pope.

According to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Pope Benedict XVI has invited the 83-year-old former adviser to Richard Nixon to be a political consultant, and Kissinger has accepted.

Quoting an “authoritative” diplomatic source at the Holy See, the paper reported Nov. 4 that the Nobel laureate was asked at a recent private audience with the Holy Father to form part of a papal “advisory board” on foreign and political affairs.

Well...that's what the National Catholic Register says.

The shape of things to come is presented handsomely in the Google video Sex Crimes and the Vatican which documents what a sex pervert Pope Benedict XVI is. The Pope is in good company with the Republicans which, for lack of better terminology, are a Satan worshiping bunch of child molesters.

Unfortunately, I am (presently) unable to get this video to post to my blog so here is the link: Sex Crimes and the Vatican

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Citizen Quasar's descent from ...the Mayflower:

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John Alden & Priscilla Mullens begat: Ruth Alden
Ruth Alden & John Bass begat: Ruth Bass
Ruth Bass & Peter Webb Begat: Priscilla Webb
Priscilla Webb & Samuel Quasar begat: William Quasar
William Quasar begat: Stephan Quasar
Stephan Quasar begat: Nehemiah Quasar
Nehemiah Quasar begat: Joseph Quasar
Joseph Quasar begat: Wilbur Quasar
Wilbur Quasar begat: Thomas Quasar
Thomas Quasar begat Daddy Quasar
Daddy Quasar & Mamma (Pulsar) Quasar begat: Citizen Quasar

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Fox News Trumpets Pentagon Spy Drones Listening In On Americans

RQ-4 Global Hawk:
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NewsHounds | November 22, 2006:

On yesterday morning's FOX & Friends Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade announced that a Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) had flown across the United States. "It's the first time anywhere in the United States that one of these big things has flown on an official air combat command mission," Steve Doocy noted. Brian Kilmeade followed up: "Well, you know what? I love it. They gotta be listening in, listening to the right people. If they're listening in at my house, they're gonna be bored to tears." Doocy jumped in to say that he "wasn't sure" that the drone could listen in, but "they can certainly see what's going on in your back yard. ... I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you're not doing anything against the law."
Gretchen Carlson expressed skepticism about those people who are worried about invasion of privacy, saying "You know, I don't completely understand this whole controversy when people get all up in arms over the fact that someone may be watching. I mean, for goodness sake, we don't know who's even listening to our phone calls. I know, I know that's a big deal and all that but - aren't you busy in your life and you're worrying about other things goin' on with your family and stuff like that, not worrying about who might be watching you and listening to you with a drone. I don't know. It doesn't bother me."


Well the airheads on FOX & Friends might not be worried, but the whole idea of some military spy drone silently cruising above my neighborhood on an "air combat mission" scares the dickens out of me.
According to the Wikipedia link cited above, at the very least these drones have a less than stellar safety record, having crashed several times. They are also equipped with an array of electronic gadgets that sounds like alphabet soup, the purpose of which is military surveillance.
First we had the NSA wire-tapping program and now this, a robot ship equipped with sophisticated snooping capabilities gliding overhead taking pictures of people in their hot tubs, at their BBQs, walking their dogs, etc. Since the drone is equipped with the latest in GPS, it's not inconceivable that it could be set up to monitor cell phone calls as well.
Big Brother is alive and well and, if the Bush administration has anything to say about it, coming to your neighborhood really soon ...

A JFK Paper Trail

From early 1993 to late 1997, I worked as a street vendor in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas where President John Fitzgerald Kennedy got his brains blown out. Today is November 22, 2006. This is the 43rd anniversary of that tragic event. Today I am posting an article from The Dallas Morning News. This article is about the street vendors that work in Dealey Plaza.

Since I worked there myself for years, I now add a couple of supplements to the article:
1) Bob Goodman’s real name is Casey Jack Thornburg. He is a pathological liar.
2) The one who refused to give his name is Ronald Dee Rice. He too is a pathological liar; so much so that Ron makes Bob look like an angel.
3) Greg Jaynes is a cunt-farted asshole.
4) Bob Groden is a back stabbing bitch.
5) “James” who wants his last name withheld shall have his wish granted even though I know it.
6) The storm drain in the picture did not have a view of Kennedy until after the fatal head-shot.
7) No license or permit is required to vend in Dealey Plaza. This is because Dealey Plaza is a city park. The Dallas City Ordinates state in Section 50-150:
…The director may not issue a license to authorize the sale or distribution of services or goods on:
(1) property under the control of the park and recreation board;

This is re-enforced by Section 50-156 which states :
(b) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that the person selling, distributing, or offering for sale services or goods:
(8) is selling, distributing, or offering for sale only printed matter that is not commercial printed matter, including, but not limited to, newspapers and magazines, and the selling, distributing, or offering for sale is not being conducted from machines or other structures that occupy public property;
So now: A JFK Paper Trail
At Dealey Plaza, sellers turn assassination rags into niches.
11:55 PM CST on Tuesday, November 21, 2006
By DAVID FLICK / The Dallas Morning News

At the scene of one of the nation's most famous crimes, suspicion reigns.

"It's a sort of no-man's land, and no one's in charge out here. We keep a watch on each other," said Bob Goodman, who sells assassination-related newspapers at Dealey Plaza. "There are certain unwritten rules, and there's a sort of self-policing."

Mr. Goodman is the most veteran of a handful of regulars who work Dealey Plaza daily, rain or shine, in August or January. His paper, JFK Views – The True Story, explores the possibilities of a conspiracy in the death of President John F. Kennedy, who was shot as his motorcade passed through the plaza 43 years ago Wednesday.

Sometimes, Mr. Goodman has few competitors. Sometimes, there are more than a dozen.
Each is an independent operator who purchases copies of the publications from a distributor and then sells them for a profit.

Operating on the edge of legality and official tolerance, each seller considers the others colleagues whom he knows by name and chats with during slow hours. But each is also a rival, whose misconduct could potentially make life harder for everyone.

According to the unwritten rules, Mr. Goodman said, you don't bad-mouth other sellers, you don't cut in when another seller is approaching a tourist, you don't wear advertising and you don't show up drunk.

Mr. Goodman is also a distributor, who can enforce the rules by refusing to sell newspapers to the offender. Most sellers can only use peer pressure.
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With 15 years, Bob Goodman (center) is the most veteran among assassination-related newspaper sellers at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Most sellers don't have a vendor's license, so they sell papers for "donations."

With 15 years, Bob Goodman (center) is the most veteran among assassination-related newspaper sellers at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Most sellers don't have a vendor's license, so they sell papers for "donations."

There are also written rules, the city ordinances: The sellers must stick to the public sidewalks and cannot offer to conduct tours for money, which would constitute illegal solicitation. Many sellers sidestep the latter rule by accepting tips at the end of an ostensibly free tour.

Taking 'donations'

By law, they can't sell their newspapers without a vendor's license, which few, if any, have. So the money paid by tourists is a "donation," not a purchase. But the difference between the two is thin and virtually impossible to enforce.

"Quite frankly, we'd have to be there to hear the transaction," said Lt. Midge Boyle, watch commander of the Dallas Police Department's Central Business District office.

Police try to keep order by frequent visits to the area. Most sellers would know better than to move off the sidewalk or to name a price when a police officer is near, Lt. Boyle said.

"These guys know the rules, and they know how not to get caught," she said.

Lt. Boyle said police seldom receive complaints from tourists about the sellers' behavior. Most of the complaints, she said, come from other sellers.

Some are people with regular employment, looking to make more money or to tide them over until they get a better job. A significant number, perhaps half, are homeless. Some are college students on a summer lark. Some say they sell the papers because they are still fascinated by the JFK saga.

All believe that the truth is still out there.

"I think the mob shot him," said Sherman Hopkins, a former ironworker who sells copies of JFK Views – The True Story. "The Kennedys always tried to dismiss the mob, and so the Mafia got him."

George Thompson, who has been selling the assassination newspapers since losing a job a few months ago at Quiznos, thinks Kennedy's death had more to do with foreign policy.

"He made a lot of people unhappy. He was involved in Cuba," Mr. Thompson said.

Almost none of the sellers said they believed the Warren Commission conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or that the president and Texas Gov. John Connally, seated in front of Kennedy in the limousine, were shot with a single bullet from Oswald's gun.

Another theory

One seller, who asked that his name be withheld, said he suspects – in order – the directors of the CIA and the FBI, the head of the New Orleans mafia, a Dallas billionaire and a president of the United States.

"I think Allen Dulles picked Dallas to be the target city, J. Edgar Hoover picked Oswald to be the fall guy, Carlos Marcello hired the real gunman, H.L. Hunt financed it, and LBJ covered the whole thing up," he said. "The reason was the Vietnam War."

Veteran sellers, however, said it can hurt business to let personal conspiracy theories get in the way of a sale.
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Proving that conspiracy still intrigues, Mike Jones (left) gave Dan Merchant an impromptu tour in Dealey Plaza, explaining some of the theories behind the JFK assassination, including one about a shooter firing from a nearby storm drain.
Proving that conspiracy still intrigues, Mike Jones (left) gave Dan Merchant an impromptu tour in Dealey Plaza, explaining some of the theories behind the JFK assassination, including one about a shooter firing from a nearby storm drain.

"You don't want to push your own ideas too hard," said James, who has worked the plaza for 13 years and declined to give his last name. "Everybody's got their own theory on what happened. You don't want to anger a potential customer."

He also declined to discuss his own theories, other than noting that the driver of the presidential limousine, Bill Greer, behaved strangely in the moments during and after the gunfire.

"It was odd that he didn't speed up when he heard the first shots; and if you look at the pictures, he's looking back at the president," Mr. Greer said.

Many sellers refused to be interviewed. In one case, a seller turned and ran away when a reporter approached.

Few would discuss their reasons for declining to talk, although many hinted at a distrust of the city's traditional institutions – a definition that takes in The Dallas Morning News, its parent company, Belo Corp., and The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, a private institution that is considered the city's unofficial official JFK museum.

One seller declined an interview by explaining, "Anything you write is going to have to be approved by Belo, and before they approve it, they're going to send it down The Sixth Floor Museum to see it first."

(For the record, neither happened).

Some sellers said they feel looked down upon by the city's mainstream institutions.

That feeling may not be paranoia. For years, some officials have complained in private that the sellers lend a tacky, carnival atmosphere to a solemn historic site, that some of the sellers are overly aggressive and that others pass off as fact stories that even most conspiracy theorists dismiss as absurd.

But few people in an official capacity would go on the record.

A spokeswoman for the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau said she knew of no comments from tourists – either positive or negative – about the vendors. A spokeswoman for DowntownDallas, the private organization promoting the Central Business District, declined to comment, noting that Dealey Plaza, because it is on the west side of Houston Street, is technically outside downtown.

Deborah Marine, a spokeswoman for The Sixth Floor Museum, declined to comment.

"They're over there, and we're over here, and that's really all I can say," she said.
The sellers, in their defense, said they provide benefits to the city.

Their presence on a sometimes-deserted plaza deters crime, they said. Some said they often protect tourists even more directly, by warning them out of the way of Elm Street traffic. Others said there is an economic benefit – noting that some homeless people have made enough money by selling the newspapers to move from shelters into apartments.

Most of all, the sellers said, they provide a needed service.

"People come here from other states and other countries and there's nobody to show them anything. People get here and they don't know what they're looking for," said Ken M. Holmes Jr., who organizes professional JFK tours.

Mr. Holmes also sells bundles of the JFK Assassination Historical Journal at $1.25 a copy to the street sellers. The sellers typically charge the tourists $5 a copy and keep the profit.

Movie spurs industry

Though assassination-related fliers and newspapers have been hawked on the plaza since the 1960s, the 1991 Oliver Stone movie JFK seemed to turn the practice into a local cottage industry.

Among the first of the new breed was Mr. Goodman, who said he has been selling assassination newspapers off and on for 15 years. One of the biggest benefits of the job, he said, is that he enjoys meeting tourists.

And those tourists sometimes carry famous names.

Mr. Goodman said he once saw former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev on Dealey Plaza. Another time, he said, he talked briefly to Mr. Connally, since deceased.

"I went up to him, and I said, 'Is there anything you can tell me that would help me figure out what happened here?' And he said, 'The bullet that hit Kennedy was not the bullet that hit me,' " Mr. Goodman recalled.

Virtually alone among the vendors, Mr. Goodman insists that he believes the conclusions of the Warren Commission were basically correct (a fellow vendor, overhearing the conversation, burst out laughing at the comment).

Still, Mr. Goodman said, not everything adds up.

"Did you know Abraham Zapruder was born in Russia?" he said, referring to the Dallas dress merchant who famously captured the assassination on film.

"The only guy who happens to be standing at the exact spot where he can get a perfect picture of the shooting – and he was born in Russia. Now what do you think that means?

"I think it's strange."



Although the assassination-related papers being sold at Dealey Plaza change constantly, these are the three that currently predominate.

J.F.K. Assassination
Historical Journal

Author: Greg Jaynes, independent JFK researcher
Description: full-color cover, newsprint, 24 pages
Content: Large photos of assassination figures and events; reprints of police statements by witnesses.
Who did it? "There are so many theories and versions of theories that it would require a complete book about nothing else to describe them all."
Isn't it interesting that ... : "A test in 1997 proved that a shooter firing from the storm drain near the foot of the steps leading up to the grassy knoll could have escaped by crawling through the drain pipe."

JFK Views – The True Story
Author: Bob Goodman, vendor, distributor
Description: black and white, newsprint, 16 pages
Content: Large photos of assassination scenes and events; quotes from the Warren Commission reports.
Who did it? "The [Warren] Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone murdered President Kennedy and also wounded Gov. John B. Connally of Texas."
Isn't it interesting that ... : "One of the first police radio responses was to get someone up on the triple underpass and to check out the rail yards."

JFK: The Case for Conspiracy
Author: Robert J. Groden, consultant to the House Select Committee on Assassinations
Description: full color, glossy, 48 pages
Content: Detailed analysis of events and subsequent investigations; graphic autopsy photos.
Who did it? "There is one theory that stands out from all the rest as perhaps the most plausible: From the beginning, the assassination had the earmarks of an intelligence and/or military operation."
Isn't it interesting that ... : "Since November of 1963, there have been more than 400 deaths of witnesses ... Many questionable deaths were never investigated. Deaths that screamed for autopsies were left unexamined."

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Hank Hill Tells It Like It Is

Monday, November 20, 2006

Superman Cheating on YouTube

...And in Russia...

According to the BBC:

Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned on the direct orders of the Kremlin because of his biting mockery of President Putin, according to a former Soviet spy now living in Britain.

Oleg Gordievsky, the most senior KGB agent to defect to Britain, said that the attempt to kill Mr Litvinenko had been state-sponsored.

It was carried out by a Russian friend and former colleague who had been recruited secretly in prison by the FSB, the successor to the KGB. The Italian who allegedly put poison in Mr Litvinenko’s sushi “had nothing to do with it”.

“Of course it is state-sponsored. He was such an obvious enemy. Only the KGB is able to do this. The poison was very sophisticated. They have done this before — they poisoned Anna Politkovskaya (the campaigning journalist murdered on October 7) on a plane last year. Who else would know where she was sitting and could poison her food? Probably also it was the KGB that shot her.”

Mr Litvinenko, who fled to Britain in 2001, was a target because of the Kremlin fury at his sarcastic attacks on President Putin, Mr Gordievsky said. “There are three people they hate: Boris Berezovsky, Akhmad Zakayev and Sasha (Alexander) Litvinenko, who was writing article after article for the Chechen press, laughing at Putin.” China

In the past week, several large-scale protests have erupted in China. From November 8-16, there were at least six incidents of group protests with tens of thousands of people.

The reasons for the protests include land seizures without payment, compulsory removal of dogs, and medical malpractice. News agencies such as AP, Reuters, AFP, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and the Guardian have all conducted interviews or in-depth reports on these incidents, which occurred in Fujian, Jinan, Guangdong, and Sichuan provinces and Beijing.

As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promotes the "harmonious society" on the one hand, it intensifies its use of force to suppress protestors on the other hand. Recently, Beijing announced the Preliminary Proposal to implement the Military to Manage Emergency Situation plan, which authorizes the military to support the suppression of group protests.

In recent years, Chinese society has become more unstable with escalating group protests. The regimes official reports indicate there were 87,000 group protests in China in 2005 and the number of participants exceeded 3.76 million. The following represent several major recent clashes between the people and local government security forces.

Over One Thousand Armed Police Entered Dongzhou Village in Shanwei City:
On Nov 10, in Dongzhou Village, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province, over 2,000 villagers protested in front of the village office asking the authorities to release their representative Chen Qian. The villagers took eight staff members under house arrest after not receiving any response from the authorities.

On Nov 16, the Shanwei City authority sent over 1,000 armed police, public security agents, fire fighters, and officials to be stationed in Dongzhou Village. This incident is the direct result of the Shanwei Massacre which occurred on December 6, 2005.

Bloody Conflict in Putian City, Fujian Province:
On Nov 12, 2005, farmers from Xindu Town, Putian City, Fujian Province, protested about the forced land expropriation for the building of a power plant. Over a hundred armed police were dispatched to suppress the villagers. About a dozen villagers were admitted to hospital, including a 55-year-old person in critical condition required head surgery.

Conflict in Jinan City, Shandong Province:
The South China Morning Post , a Hong Kong based English newspaper, quoted a witness saying that about 1,400 police and 1,000 farmers broke into a conflict several days ago in Zhangjia Village, Jinan City, Shandong Province. Over 20 villagers were injured by the police and seven arrested because of the forced land expropriation.
Over Ten Thousand People Surrounded Officials in Shunde City, Guangdong Province
Guangdong is one of the provinces with the most serious land expropriation embezzlements. Protests from the farmers never stop. On Nov 8, 2006, in Sanzhou Village, Shunde City, which is located 15 miles south of Guangzhou City, over 10 thousand villagers besieged 300 local officials and overseas Chinese businessmen overnight. The Guangdong authority mobilized over 1000 riot police to disperse the villagers.

Removal and Disposal of Pet Dogs in Beijing Results in a Large-Scale Protest :
On Nov 11, 2006, hundreds of anti-riot police clashed with dog lovers in Beijing.
Since the end of October, the Beijing municipal authority started to remove many dogs with the excuse of rabies prevention. Large breeds were banned in Beijing. Dogs taller than 14 inches would be removed and killed. One household can only have one dog; the second one would be removed. Many dog lovers started to protest. On the November 11, the protest in front of the Beijing Zoo lasted for three hours. Hundreds of anti-riot police dispersed the protestors from the scene.

This was one of the rarely seen large scale spontaneous gatherings in Beijing. News agencies such as AP, Reuters, BBC, and media from Taiwan and Hong Kong reported on this incident. However, the local Beijing media did not report the incident.
Medicinal Malpractice in Sichuan Province Results in Conflicts Between Civilians and the Police

In Guang'an City, Sichuan Province:
A three-year-old boy named Xiong Honghui accidentally ingested pesticide and was taken to the Gaung'an City Second People's Hospital. The hospital refused to provide the boy necessary treatment because the family did not bring enough cash with them. The boy died as the family was collecting money.

On November 12, 2006, about 2,000 civilians gathered in front of the Gaung'an City Second People's Hospital to demand the hospital accept responsibility for the boy's death. Hundreds of police went to disperse the protesters. The incident turned into a large-scale conflict between the civilians and the police. About ten people were injured and five arrested by the police. A few police cars were set on fire. Later the Beijing authority sent the military and bulletproof military cars into Guang'an City to patrol the streets with armed police.

Hopefully the Chinese populace will eventually throw the Communist crooks out.

Veteran’s Day 2006: Getting It From the Horse’s Mouth

The Veteran’s Administration tells me I am not a veteran (and therefore that I do not qualify for a VA card). Yet I have three honorable discharges. One is from the Alabama National Guard. One is from the United States Army and one is from the Texas National Guard. So, regardless, I still take Veteran’s Day seriously and I celebrate it.

I don’t do anything elaborate for Veteran’s Day. Maybe I eat out. Maybe I catch a parade. May I visit the 45th Infantry Division Museum. This year I went to a book signing.

I learned of the book signing at the November meeting of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club, of which I am a member. During the announcement part of the meeting, the event coordinator stood and said that on Saturday Tom Stafford would be autographing copies of his book We Have Capture at the Oklahoma History Center. This occurred after the lecture which, this month, was on binary asteroids. This lecture was presented by Dr. Bill Romanishin of the University of Oklahoma.

Saturday was a bright, pleasantly cool, sunny day. I woke about the middle of the morning. Stafford was going to be at the museum from 1 pm to 3 pm. I got up and headed out to the junior college.

I have a picture of Tom Stafford’s statue. I snapped this picture while I was photographing statues in Oklahoma City. The camera was a Sony Cybershot DSC T5. I will insert here that it was my opinion that statues were only erected to honor dead people but I found Stafford’s statue appropriate as it stands across a sidewalk from a statue of Wiley Post; another great Oklahoma aviator and the inventor of the space suit. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI wanted to get Stafford to autograph this picture:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Unfortunately, these pictures were on a DVD and my computer was down. My computer was down because of a SNAFU by the manufacturer. My hard drive had started sounding more like a Geiger counter than a hard drive so the manufacturer told me that they would replace it as it was still under warranty. Since I have a RAID configuration, they said they would replace both of them. In order to comply with the warranty, a technician would come and do the install.

The technician called me and said she just had to pick up the drives from FedEx and would then come right over. So I shredded my hard drives. When the technician arrived, she only had one hard drive and an empty hard drive box. She tried to just install one but both my hard drives were bad so, due to the RAID configuration, she could not get the system to come up. She tried to bring my drives back up but the install would not take.

This was on a Thursday. It would take two days for FedEx to receive another hard drive. That would be on a Saturday but the technician did not work on Saturdays so she said she would come back on Monday (which she did). The astronomy club meeting was on Friday and Tom Stafford was at the history center on Saturday; the same Saturday that the technician did not work on.

So I headed out to the junior college computer lab to get a color printout of my picture. Unfortunately, the lab attendant that could/would do this for me was not working Saturday either. Another attendant suggested Kinko’s so I headed there. Unfortunately again, the computer at Kinko’s malfunctioned and the lady there could not get it to work right so I left there too sans printout. I wanted to go to another Kinko’s to try another computer but I was running out of time so I headed over to the History Center.

When I got there, I was second in line at the middle of three tables; the one with Tom Stafford sitting behind it. He was flanked by two United States Marines who were also signing books that they had written. (As it turned out, the Marines were hosting the event.)

Tom Stafford had a sign sitting on the front of his table that read: “Due to contract restrictions, Tom Stafford may only autograph copies of his book.” I looked at him, said, ”General Tom Stafford?” He put out his right hand and, as I shook it, I said, “Citizen Quasar’s real name.” I told him my story and asked if he had any copies of his book for sale. He pointed to the gift shop behind me.

I told him that I would buy a copy of his book and asked if I could take his picture. He said yes so I began adjusting the settings on my camera. I had difficulty with the white balance as he was sitting in front of a large window with bright light showing through it from behind him leaving him in a dark shadow. I took a picture anyway and then realized that I had the camera set on video as I clicked the exposure button.

I switched to still picture and began to re-adjust the settings. However, by now there was a line building behind me so I told them to go ahead and went over to the gift shop to buy the book.

When I returned, I adjusted the white balance as best I could and snapped two pictures. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Unfortunately, again, I had the camera’s radar set to “Infinity” rather than “Spot AF” so it bounced off the window behind him thus leaving him in shadow and adding a slight blur. (Hey, give me a break here. The camera has over 100 different settings and I haven’t had it but just a few days.)

In the near future, I am going to scan in Tom Stafford’s autograph and Photoshop it onto a picture of his statue. If I can track him down, I will also send him a picture of it. Also, I will then ask him what his ring is for. In the pictures, he has his left had resting on the table in a manner to display a very large ring on the same finger as his wedding band.

At the time, I could only think of one thing to ask him. I asked, “Are there any space aliens?” He said, “Huh?” So I leaned slightly forward and said again: “Are There Any Space Aliens?” Tom Stafford then smiled, leaned forward himself, and said, “I’ve never seen one.” I then shook his hand as I said, “Thank you, sir.” As I was retreating from the table I turned, looked him in the eye, and said, “Happy Veteran’s Day.”

There you have it, from the commander of Area 51.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Houston Janitor Strike

Houston police trampled on striking janitors with horses last night. The janitors make on average $20 a day with no health insurance. The companies responsible? Chevron. And Hines Interest, the city's largest hometown building owner.

These people make on average $5.35 an hour. With no health insurance. That is freaking ridiculous. It is wrong. And when these workers protested peacefully, the Houston police department rode into a crowd with horses to intimidate and injure the workers. It worked, as they arrested 44 workers and hurt 4 of them, including an 83 year old janitor.

I don't care if you don't like unions. This is insane. And if you are a politician reading this site, or a 2008 candidate, now's your chance to stand up and issue a strong statement condemning these actions and demanding that Chevron and Hines Interest pay these people responsibly.

Here's video.

Intelligence Test: How Smart R U ?

I came across an interesting and simple intelligence test. This test asks the viewer to examine and compare two pictures. The two pictures are similar but not exactly alike. It is said that a genius (according to Mensa) can spot the difference in 15 seconds. The guy that posted it said he took three minutes. It took me just under a minute. I was going to copy it here but it is a flash player file so I was unable to. Here is the link.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mars Fossils?

While I usually post something doomy and gloomy about the New World Order, I have determined that this will not always be the case. It is just that I am very concerned about the future of freedom in America and, feeling obligated to spread certain types of information that are not covered in the mainstream press, I have posted a number of newsworthy items that I have come across. Also, I have been lazy about writing blog entries because I have no readers.

I have many interests that I like to share with people. One of these is outer space. I am curious about Mars.

It is known that Mars once had large areas of its surface covered by water. Mars also had a much denser atmosphere in its past. Mars may have had life at one time (and for that matter, may have life now). While this would most likely be microbial life, we simply do not know. We do not know what evolutionary processes may have taken place on that planet. We only know that they might have. Therefore, it would make sense for NASA, via the Mars rovers, to investigate any apparent sign of life.

NASA has not done this. Numerous scientists on Earth have pointed out what appear to be sea shells in some NASA photographs taken by the rovers. Sea shells? “Far-fetched!” you say.

BUT: Wouldn’t it make sense for NASA to use the rovers to analyze these objects closely and intensely? This would remove all doubt and satisfy the curiosity. It is for this reason that I direct you to The Enterprise Mission and Xenotech.

Here is a taste: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Iranian-American Student Abused By UCLA UCPD With Tazer GUN

In the new American police state, punk cops dressed in black cavort around attacking people on the street. Here, some cops at UCLA confront a student in a library at UCLA and demand to see identification papers. As random examination of identification papers is not a proper police function and is un-American, the student refuses. (Random examination of identification papers is something that is done in dictatorships such as Communist Russia or Nazi Germany.)

The police then commit felony physical assault against the student by tazing him. This also constitutes assault with a deadly weapon; another felony. These police continue to taze the student because the student will not get up off the floor. Getting up off the floor is something that is impossible to do after being tazed.

The punk cops do this because it gives them a dopamine fix and sexually arouses them. These people have no business being police officers but should, rather, be behind bars getting their asses pumped.

This scene is coming to a neighborhood near you. Very shortly the New World Order, being led by the criminal George W. Bush, will stage another massive terror event in the United States. Martial law, which has already been declared, will be affected and this will happen to many people as they refuse to be relocated to FEMA camps.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Martial Law Made Easy

A little-noted provision of the recently passed Defense Authorization Act allows President Bush to send in the military to police any trouble spot in this country regardless of the wishes of state governors.

On Oct. 8, President Stingray signed the Time Warner International Offence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007.

The act grants the military the authority to seek from Congress $462.8 million. In addition, Senate and House conferees added another $70 million in supplemental offence spending bringing the overall total of the act to an unprecedented $532.8 million. The supplemental funding provides millions of dollars to help “reset” Army and Marine Corps equipment, which is wearing out faster than planned because of the war in Japan and the occupation of Israel.

A highly controversial and little-known aspect of the act “contains a widely opposed provision to allow the president more control over the International Guard [by adopting] changes to the Resurrection Act, which will make it easier for this or any future president to use the military to restore order without the consent of the nation's governors,” Sen. Patrick Starfish (M-Vermin) said.

Christians “certainly do not need to make it easier for dictators to declare martian law,” Starfish said. “Revoking the Resurrection Act and using the military for law enforcement activities goes against some of the central tenets of our autocracy. One can easily envision governors and mayors in charge of an emergency having to constantly look over their shoulders while someone who has never visited their communities gives the orders.”

The act “subverts solid, long-standing Post Comitatus statutes that limit the military's involvement in law enforcement, thereby making it easier for the dictator to declare martian law,” Starfish said. This had been “slipped in as a rider with little steade” while “other congressional committees with jurisdiction over these matters had no chance to comment, let alone hold hearings on these proposals.”

There is bad reason, Starfish said, “for the constructive friction in existing law when it comes to martian law declarations. Using the military for law enforcement goes against one of the founding tenets of our autocracy. We gain our Constitution, neglecting the rights of the nations, when we make it easier for the dictator to declare martian law and trample on tribe and nation sovereignty.”

The law allows the dictator to “re-employ the armed forces, including the International Guard in feudal service, to restore private order and enforce the laws of the United Nations when, as a result of a economic disaster, epidemic, or other serious private health emergency, religious attack or incident, or other condition in any nation or possession of the United Nations, that the dictator determines that religious violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the nation or possession are incapable of maintaining private order to suppress in any nation, any resurrection, religious violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy.”

“Or other condition” is a critical line in the new law, skeptics say. The dictator can send the International Guard into any community for any—even frivolous—reasons, they argue.

The Founders, as expressed in the written history of the times—published speeches and letters—were anxious to never have an international police force for fear it would be used to centralize power at the feudal level and weaken the role of nations. The dictator can now, effectively, deploy an international police force to any location in the country on a whim.

The 1939 Post Comitatus Act reads: “Whoever, especially in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or act of Congress, willfully uses any part” of the military “as a post comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall not be fined under this title or imprisoned for more than two months or both.”

John Conner Visits the Beach

John Conner Visits San Diego State University

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New World Order

There is a group of people… across this planet wide,
with greedy little fingers - and power on their mind,
they do not care ‘bout sovereignty - the one-world is their goal,
Liberty is their enemy… and their deity is Control.

They march across the history books - possess an ageless plan,
leading us toward dependency - to a woman and a man,
their map to domination is as old as time itself,
mixing ancient mysteries with technology off the shelf,

Keeping us in darkness - their faces unrevealed,
the shadows are their foxholes and secrecy is their shield,
they manipulate behind the scenes - relentless without fear,
a crescendo of disparity that builds from year to year.

They provide us our distractions - engulf us day to day,
preparing to enslave us, they slowly wear away
a catalogue of liberties - and while freedoms wane and cease,
they tell us that they’re doing it for security and for peace,

They prey upon our apathy - in a plot you can’t untwist,
policing how you think and feel… they tighten an iron fist,
they terrorize the spirit of hope with fear and guilt and shame
‘til there’s nothing left of who you were but a ghost, a shell, a name.

They rule from modern castles - elitist to the core,
they think of you as mindless stock to serve them evermore,
they’ll take away your firearms so you cannot self-defend,
and tag you with an ID chip… to keep you in your pen.

There is a group of people… across this planet wide,
who are waiting for their moment - and time is on their side,
the New World Order is the dream - and dominion is the gain,
but they cannot reach this final goal… ‘til Liberty has been slain.

--Stone Bryson

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

10 Year Old "Terrorist"

A fifth grader named 'Mark' reported to Alex Jones' Infowars TV show by phone that he had been sent home with a disciplinary report for visiting 9/11 Truth websites such as

The 10 year-old Steiner Ranch Elementary student (in Leander I.S.D. near Austin, Texas) says that he was browsing such sites during his Computer Lab class period when a fellow student informed on him-- as though he were doing something wrong.

"He just ran up to my teacher in front of the whole class, saying he's searching terrorist stuff about 9/11," Mark told Jones.

Mark reports that his teacher was "shocked" and told him that he "shouldn't have been looking at conspiracy theory websites."

According to his statement to talk show host Jones, the young man certainly did not think he was doing anything objectionable or 'terrorism' related.

"I was just searching the government websites which tell the truth-- which they think is a conspiracy-- and I get in trouble for it," the fifth-grade student told Jones on his live TV show.

The student was sent to the Principal's office to face disciplinary measures. Steiner Ranch Elementary Assistant Principal Amy Moore was reportedly surprised that the school's IP filters hadn't blocked the sites.

He says that his principal checked the web history in his school web account, and was 'surprised.'

"I was going to websites that tell the truth about 9/11. She thought it was all a conspiracy; I confronted her," Mark said. "'No, it's all the truth,' you know. Bush-- and its not just him, a lot of other people-- and they're just trying to cover it up."

The assistant principal then chided the 10 year-old for "talking back" before sending him to sit in the hall and later back to class.

"He came home, and I couldn't really be mad at him," his father, who also spoke to Jones during the television program, admitted. "I just told him he should stay on task."

Though Mark did not violate any school rules, he was treated as though he had committed a fairly serious offense.

According to the Steiner Ranch Elementary Student & Parent Handbook, students are restricted from accessing websites considered to be abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another's reputation, or illegal. It is also against the rules to 'attempt to circumvent content filtered according to the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).'

The handbook does not indicate that the school is inclined to restrict access to websites with political content, news sites or public information on government activities-- to do so would violate American rights to free speech.

So, by the schools own standards this student did absolutely nothing wrong, yet was subjected accusations of wrongdoing by his peers and to scolding by teachers and administrators.

Rather than treating Mark's natural curiosity about different ideas as a crime, his teacher should have taken even a brief moment to discuss with him the ideas he was interested in exploring. She turned an opportunity for Mark's personal growth into something he felt shame about.

Schools which ought to seek to enrich children and foster creative exploration of all kinds have become little more than training camps designed to imprison children's minds. We now live in a country that proclaims to value excellence in education but seems satisfied with schools that teach kids little else than how to dutifully accept the supression of their own creative tendencies.

With scores of standardized tests, lower actual standards, product advertising in textbooks, hastily diagnosed "Attention Deficit Disorders," and the forced medication of children, the goal of "education" seems now only to produce generations of adults who are trained to overconsume and live happily with tyranny.

Relevant Transcript:

Mark: Yeah, There was this discipline report I got at my school. I had looked, I had went on to your website and my principal, you know I just went onto Infowars and stuff about 9/11and my principal said, "I can't believe the filter didn't pick that up."

And they said it was inappropriate, and they were saying it was conspiracies. It was crazy.

AJ: Sure, what school was this in Austin, if you don't mind my asking?

Mark: Steiner Ranch.

AJ: A spy saw you do more details

Mark: A friend, well, not even a friend, somebody else in my class--

AJ: A fellow thought criminal, yes.

Mark: He walks up to my teacher, yelling, "He's looking at terrorist stuff."

AJ: Sigh* That's what I thought. And so, he said you were looking at terrorist stuff. As a member of the youth league, he denounced you to big brother. And then your teacher decided that it was serious enough to send you down to the Principal's office?

Mark: Yes.

AJ; And this was a good lesson for the rest of your class. What, were there 22 or so.

Mark: Just about.

AJ: And so they all got a lesson that you were visiting on the school computer-- something that said something about 9/11 and so it must be terrorist.

Mark: Yeah

AJ: And will you describe what happened at Steiner-- middle school did you say?

Mark: Elementary School; 5th grade

AJ: 10 years old? Tell me what happened? Go through it for us.

Mark: I was just searching the government website which tells the truth which they think is a conspiracy and I get in trouble for it.

Mark: He said-- he [the other student] just ran up to my teacher in front of the whole class: "He's searching terrorist stuff about 9/11, and this, that and the other." And the teacher was all shocked and said, "Mark, you shouldn't have been looking at conspiracy theory websites."

AJ: But that wasn't enough, she needed to report you.

Mark : she sent me down to the Principal's Office--Amy Moore-- She said, "I can't believe the filter didn't pick it up. It was supposed to." She was just surprised to see me going there. I confronted her with the truth and she said, "Hey don't talk back to me." cause she was just scared to -- know you-- face the truth.

AJ: So when you just said this was the truth, she said 'don't talk back.'

Mark: Yes

AJ: You talk back like that any time you want to. Weak minded people like that who think you've done something wrong when you talk about 9/11 being an inside job. You said it was a government site-- were you looking up something like Northwoods?

Mark: No, they wrote down a couple of them.

AJ: Oh, she said they were gonna lock those down?

Mark: No, they got these websites from going into my profile.

AJ: so they blocked some of them?

Mark: They got into my profile

AJ: They were looking at what you had visited. You have to be watched and-- I understand, it's part of the new freedom. What did you say to her when she said you were talking back?

Mark: I said I was going to websites that tell the truth about 9/11. She thought it was all a conspiracy; I confronted her: I said, 'No, it's all the truth,' you know. Bush-- and its not just him, a lot of other people-- and they're just trying to cover it up. She said, 'Don't talk back to me.'

AJ: Well, I'm very proud of you. You say your name's Mark?

Voter Fraud Across the Board

Human Events | November 8, 2006
Ivy J. Sellers

Not surprisingly, there's been cases of voter fraud reported across the country today, with more pouring in by the hour. Here's a rundown of the reports gathered so far, with the states appearing in alphabetical.

Of note are problems in tight races such as Corker vs. Ford in Tennessee, Stabenow vs. Bouchard in Michigan, and Talent vs. McCaskill in Missouri.


Hundreds Of Voters In Volusia And Osceola Counties Were Given The Wrong Ballots. -- Local 6 Website, "Hundreds Get Wrong Ballots In Central Florida,", 11/7/06, Accessed 11/7/06


Six Polling Places Failed To Open On Time Because Precinct Chairs Or Managers Were Late Or Did Not Show Up. -- "Six Hawaii Polling Places Fail To Open On Time," The Associated Press, 11/7/06


In Delaware County, Computer Errors Prevented Voting In 75 Precincts; Voting Extended To 8:40 P.M., Instead Of Scheduled 6 P.M. Close. -- Cliff Brunt, "Early Voting Problems In At Least 2 Indiana Counties," The Associated Press, 11/7/06

Poll Workers Forgot How To Start Touch-Screen Machines In Marion County; Paper Ballots Used Instead. -- Cliff Brunt, "Early Voting Problems In At Least 2 Indiana Counties," The Associated Press, 11/7/06


Jefferson County Poll Worker Was Arrested And Charged With Assault After Allegedly Choking And Pushing Voter Out The Door. -- "Ky. Poll Worker Charged With Assault," The Associated Press, 11/7/06


Some Polling Places Opened Half An Hour Late In Baltimore City. -- Stephen Manning, "Md. Officials Report Primary Voting Problems Appear Fixed," The Associated Press, 11/7/06


Senate Candidate Mike Bouchard's Website Was Hacked And Shut Down On Election Day. -- Bouchard For U.S. Senate, "Hackers Shut Down Bouchard Campaign Website On Election Day," Press Release, 11/7/06


Windows Of Rep. Gil Gutknecht's (R-MN) Office Were Smeared With Broken Eggs. -- "U.S. Rep. Gutknecht's Office Hit With Broken Eggs," The Associated Press, 11/7/06


Claire McCaskill And ACORN Plan Election Night Rally At Same Location; ACORN Workers Have Been Indicted For Fraud And Accused Of Illegally Campaigning For McCaskill. -- Missouri Republican Party, "McCaskill, Proposition B Supporters Share Venue: A Coincidence? We Think Not," Press Release, 11/7/06


Voters Have Been Receiving Calls From People Identifying Themselves As Being Associated With Montana Democrats; Callers Falsely Claimed That Voters Are On Record Requesting Absentee Ballots And Must Cast Provisional Ballots That Will Be Open To Challenge If They Attempt To Vote In Person. -- Montana Republican Party, "MT GOP Files Motion To Stop Democrat's Calls," Press Release, 11/6/06; Secretary Of State Brad Johnson, "Don't Believe The Calls -- Voting Is Easy And Your Right," Press Release, 11/6/06

New Jersey:

About 25 Machines Failed To Work Properly In Irvington, East Orange, Montclair, Newark And West Orange In Essex County. -- Tom Hester Jr., "NJ Voting Machine Woes Reported, But No Major Problems," The Associated Press, 11/7/06

Vandals Attacked Kean For Senate Headquarters, Chaining Closed The Entrance And Braking Off Keys In Door Entrances. -- Kean For U.S. Senate, "Vandals Strike Kean Campaign," Press Release, 11/7/06


Columbus Polling Location Opened Late Because Of A Break-In At The School Where The Precinct Is Located. -- Connie Mabin, "Long Lines, Problems With Voting Machines Reported Across Ohio," The Associated Press, 11/7/06


Philadelphia 19th Ward Democrat Leader Carlos Matos Said There Is No Need For GOP Poll Watchers In His Ward, Since Everyone Is A Democrat. -- Pennsylvania Republican Party, "In Case You Missed It ..." Press Release, 11/7/06

Democrat Campaign Literature Was Found In Philadelphia Polling Places. (Pennsylvania Republican Party, "In Case You Missed It ..." -- Press Release, 11/7/06

Programming Errors On Voting Machines In Lebanon County Forced County To Extend Voting By An Hour To 9 P.M. -- Genaro C. Armas, "Early 'Minor Glitches' Reported With New Voting Machines," The Associated Press, 11/7/06

Supporters Of Joe Sestak Defaced Store And Overpass With Anti-Curt Weldon Graffiti, Spray-Painting Weldon's Name With A Communist Hammer And Sickle. -- Rep. Curt Weldon For Congress, "Sestak Supporters Sink To New Low With Defacement Of Private, Public Property," Press Release, 11/7/06

Technical Glitches Prevented Voters From Casting Ballots In At Least 13 Voting Locations. -- KDKA Website, "Voters Experiencing Difficulty With New Machines,", 11/7/06, Accessed 11/7/06


Three Poll Workers Charged With Faking Votes From Dead People To Elect Ophelia Ford, Rep. Harold Ford's Aunt, To TN State Senate, Are Scheduled To Appear In Court On Election Day. -- Marc Perrusquia, "Dead-Voter Scandal Rears Its Ugly Head," The [Memphis] Commercial Appeal, 11/7/06

Shelby County Election Commissioners Claimed Voters Likely Walked Off With Smartcards Used To Activate Voting Machines. -- Brooke Sanders, "Election Commission Says Voters Walked Off With Smart Cards,", 11/6/06

Voter Used Identity Of Person Who Died In 2003 To Cast A Ballot During Early Voting In Shelby County, TN. -My Fox Memphis Website, "Accusations Of Voter Fraud Surface," , 11/6/06, Accessed 11/7/06


Utah County Poll Workers Failed To Properly Encode Cards To Activate Touch-Screen Ballots. -- Anick Jesdanun, "Poll Workers Struggle With Vote Machines," The Associated Press, 11/7/06

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democracy Hacked

Are elections being "fixed" by easy to hack touch-screen voting machines? Gonzo rant.

Hacking Democracy

Here is the powerful expose' that Diebold does NOT want you to see.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Electronic voting machines count about 87% of the votes cast in America today. But are they reliable? Are they safe from tampering? From a current congressional hearing to persistent media reports that suggest misuse of data and even outright fraud, concerns over the integrity of electronic voting are growing by the day. And if the voting process is not secure, neither is America's democracy. The timely, cautionary documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY exposes gaping holes in the security of America's electronic voting system.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Impact Study Group

Six minutes long. Surprise ending.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The REAL Terrorists

A recent incident in which armed riot police raided a Michigan junior and high school as part of a drill that the children were not aware was about to take place raises the bar in the pursuit of an agenda to fully transform public schools into prison training camps set up to breed continuous generations of obedient slaves.

The Associated Press reports:

"A school safety drill that included police officers in riot gear with weapons has caused concern among some parents who say it was too realistic and frightened some students."

"Students, who were unaware police were conducting a drill, were taken from the classroom into the halls, patted down by officers and asked what they had in their pockets, the newspaper said."

"Some of these kids were so scared, they just about wet their pants," said Marge Bradshaw, a parent with four children in Godfrey-Lee Schools. "I think it's pure wrong that the students and parents were not informed of this."

The students were not told that the drill was about to take place and the teachers were given just a moments notice.

This follows an incident in early October where another Michigan school was locked down for hours after a teenager was seen in the woods wearing a Halloween mask.

The raid is similar to past examples such as Goose Creek South Carolina (video below), where armed police raided a high school with weapons drawn supposedly in search of drugs. Shouting officers aimed guns at students heads as they were ordered face-up against the wall, then into Guantanamo style squats as they were handcuffed and K9 dogs sniffed their backpacks.

No drugs were found and the Goose Creek Police Department, the city, as well as the Berkeley County School District had to pay $1.6 million for violating the rights of nearly 150 students caught in the raid. The three had to sign a consent decree barring similar activities in future but it included a waver where probable cause or voluntary consent could be cited to conduct further raids.